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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Pressure to Be in A Long Term Relationship is NOT GOOD!

LTR - Long Term Relationships
In our society, success is often based on being in a long term relationship, that lasts a life time. We put a lot of emphasis on building relationships and staying in them, even when the grow sour, or when we stop growing. We feel bad when relationships end. We often feel as though we failed in some way. Mou and Jenoa remind us that it is okay to say goodbye when something is over. It is okay, and in fact it may be good for you to walk away from something that no longer works for you. We can acknowledge what we learned from a relationship. 

The Sex Talk is a weekly webisode that discusses sex, relationships, dating and more. with my co-host Jenoa Harlow. We encourage thinking in terms that are good for you, not for the larger society. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Music and Sexuality! Feminism and Gender!!

My musical project Ghosha writes, sings, plays and supports sexuality, gender issues. Here is a video we did addressing some of the gender-binary notions coupled with traditional relationship issues, like secrets, women and men's roles, feminism etc..

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Threesomes and Mindfulness.....

Is there anything better than a mindful threesome? I can't think of anything!

Read this awesome article, by Jessica Graham, in which I am quoted, and then also check out her Mindful Sex series. Good stuff!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kelly Shibari on Porn and Body Image.

Kelly Shibari is back on The Sex Talk, filmed at the Liberace Penthouse in West Hollywood, CA, she talked to us about being the first BBW (big beautiful woman) asian, plus size porn star to be on the cover of Penthouse Forum. She talks about body image, (girls take heed), about what it means to be a flashlight girl, and how she got into porn in the first place. Go watch it! We love Kelly!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

New York City

I've been in New York City one month and one week. The 2nd book is finally started!! I have been thinking about this book for two years, and wrote the article back in January on New Years Day. Boy, time flies. With all the clients I was seeing, and teaching at the University, I had no time at all to even take a gander at writing. So, now the beginnings have started, and yes the book will be ultimately seeking a home, aka a publisher, but we know it's a process. (We is Jenoa and I, she will be collaborating with me on the way. )

This book is about Casual Sex, Hook Up Culture, One Night Stands, Non Monogamous Sex. You get the picture!! Who couldn't use a guide book for all kinds of sex??

In the meantime, I have submerged myself in film making duties.  Lining up interviews in the New York area. Interviews should start in August.

I am still offering consulting and mentoring services, mostly via phone, and online. Hit me up if you want some tips!

I will also be posting some more videos and articles as well!!

Hope you had an amazing 4th! Enjoy your summer!!!