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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stop Dragging That Baggage Around....

Too often we get into new relationships thinking "we are going to make it better this time," but then fall into old patterns. What gives? Read my article on how we drag baggage around, and how to change it here...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saying No....Because You Want to Take It Slow..

When we really like someone, we might want to do things differently, like take it slow, give time for some heat to build, really get to know them more, and then the sex will be that much better, right? It's okay, to say, "NO, I really think you are so hot, but I wanna take it slow!"

This week on the Sex Talk with the fabulous Jenoa Harlow!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Temples and Brothels: Same Sex Marriage, Monogamy and More.... with Eric Schneider

Last week I interviewed good friend and NYC's premier sex therapist to gay men, Eric Schneider. Here's some stuff we talked about: 

Same Sex Marriage. Is same sex marriage normalizing an otherwise sexually explorative and expressive gay community?
-Alienation. How when we as a society create an ideal, such as monogamous marriage in this case, we effectively alienate everything else which does not fall into those narrow confines. This creates a lot of difficulty as people become more focused on maintaining an ideal, than actually keeping it real.
-Confusing Monogamy As Safety. It is second nature or intuitive in our culture to use monogamy as a source of safety. Eric reminds us that just because a couple deems themselves monogamous, does not actually make a safe environment. Rather honesty, openness, and trust create safety. And our false reliance on monogamy as an ideal actually perpetuates dishonesty and therefor perhaps creates a lack of safety.
We have a great discussion on monogamy and heterosexuality as conditioning, when in actuality there are many choices and options.
Pop on over to our blog at Temples and Brothels to find out what else will be in our upcoming documentary project.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Obsession With Bigger and Better.

In this episode we break down why sometimes dating can be so difficult in this day and age.